How to Get Fit On a Budget

Learn how to get fit on a budget with these money-saving workout tips.

Ben Greenfield,
March 21, 2011
Episode #043

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In this article, I’m not only going to tell you how to get fit on a budget, but I’ll also give you my best quick and dirty tips for money-saving workouts, body weight exercises, and affordable home gym equipment.

How to Save Money On Gym Memberships

Let’s face it: working out at a gym just makes it easier for most people to get fit, since there is such a wide variety of exercise equipment, classes, workout instruction, and social support. But memberships can range from $50-200 each month, which can make shrinking your waistline prohibitively expensive!

However, having worked at a gym for many years, I can give you three proven tips for saving money on a gym membership.

  1. Ask for the joining fee to be waived. Most gyms already do this in January, when everyone is rushing to join, but you can usually politely ask them to waive the joining fee at any time of year. Gyms will also often refund the fee if you attend the gym a certain number of times per month, typically 15-20 visits.

  2. Commit to a long term membership. If you’re really serious about achieving your goals, and you want to save money too, ask the gym salesperson whether you can be offered a lower monthly price if you commit to a longer than typical contract of three, six, or 12 months.

  3. Set up a bidding war. Bring the gym you want to join the best local gym membership deal you can find, and ask them to match it. This is a good strategy if a gym close to your house or office is too expensive for you to join, but a less convenient gym is affordable.

How to Make An Affordable Home Gym

In the episode, “How To Make A Home Gym,” I go into greater detail about essential gear and tools that are good for a home gym, but here is a summary of what you need: