How to Get Fit While Watching TV

Learn exercise routines that you can do while watching television!

Ben Greenfield
Episode #061

This type of workout changes drastically depending on the type of sporting event you choose. During a football game, a team may have possession for over 5 minutes, while during a basketball game, possessions may just be a matter of seconds.

#3 Movie Exercise Session

Movie workouts tend to be longer, especially since it can be annoying to exercise during the first part of your movie, go shower, then come back and finish the movie.

So a good way to approach movie exercises is to think of them as a physically active game, and to associate specific exercises with objects in the movie. For example, let’s say you have a set of dumbbells and an action flick. If you see a police car, you would do 10 overhead presses; any type of weapon, like a gun, would be 10 shadow punches; any bombs or explosions would be 10 lunge jumps; any type of flying vehicle, like an airplane or helicopter, would be 10 bicep curls. Depending on how many "objects" you choose for your workout, this can be a challenging routine.

You can also simply do a cardio workout during a movie. Often, I’ll set up my indoor bicycle trainer during an action movie, and simply “go hard” during any intense action scenes, and then pedal aerobically when the action settles down.

There’s no rule that catching your favorite TV show, sporting event, or movie requires you to be completely sedentary for an hour or two. If you watch just 2 hours of television per week, and you do the workouts in this article during your TV viewing times, you can burn an extra 600-1,600 calories each week, which can add up to over 26 pounds of fat a year!

If you have more questions about how to exercise while watching TV, or have your own TV workouts, share them below in Comments and on the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page


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