How To Make A Home Gym

Learn about the best fitness equipment, how to make a home gym, and essential tips for getting fit at home.

Ben Greenfield
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Let’s face it. Getting to the gym can be tough sometimes. But just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have sit on the couch all day and eat bon-bons. Whether you’re stuck inside your house on a rainy day, hanging out at a park waiting for your kid’s soccer practice to end, or on a vacation road trip, this article is going to give you all the necessary gears and tools you need for getting fit.

Choosing A Home Gym Space

Though it is not entirely necessary to have a single room in your house that is devoted to exercise, it can be helpful to have a central location for fitness equipment. Before deciding which room will have your gym gear, consider the following:

  • Is there carpet? Carpet is easily stained with oil and can quickly become stinky if you’re regularly sweating on it. So invest in a high-end vacuum and a box of clothespins for your nose, or try choosing a room with a hard floor and simply use a portable mat for padding.

  • Is the ceiling low? If you want to do workouts that include jumping or lifting objects, and don’t want to wind up in the hospital with forehead lacerations, you may want at least 1 foot of extra space overhead when your arms are fully extended.

  • Is the room well ventilated? If you’re performing hard cardio exercise or it is warm outside, a hot, muggy room will make you far more unlikely to exercise, and be very uncomfortable. If you, like me, tend to get a bit windy when you exercise (and I’m not talking about shortness of breath), you may also be thankful for good ventilation.

  • Is the room isolated? If you have babies or young children sleeping at night, it might be tough for you to watch television, listen to music, or make noise lifting weights if your exercise space is in close proximity to your kid’s bedrooms. You may even find your spouse complaining about your six-pack stomach if it means they’re losing sleep for it.

I’d recommend you add a new piece of exercise equipment every few months to keep your routine fresh and exciting!

Home Gym Equipment Recommendations

Now that you have chosen your home gym space, you’ll need to fill it with essential equipment. If you’re a big spender, you could simply go to your local sporting goods store and invest $500 to $2000 in a multi-gym apparatus, which is typically a large piece of equipment with various seats, cables, handles and weight stacks. If you decide to do this, then measure your room beforehand to ensure that the equipment will fit, and ensure that you have the means to actually transport and assemble the multi-gym. Otherwise, your fancy gym will just be a heavy box in your garage.


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