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Ben Greenfield
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Episode #205

A study just released this month found that fitter CEOs (in this case, those who run marathons) are more likely to run companies with higher firm values. The results show that marathon-running CEOs run companies valued about 4% to 10% higher than those of non-running CEOs!

Researchers hypothesized that CEOs who exercise are presumably healthier and less stressed than those who don't, which then leads to better corporate performance. Turns out that running in particular is a good indicator of executive fitness as it “Is a primary sport for people who travel a lot, have changing schedules, a high need for flexibility, and considerable workload.” Plus, running training can be done just about anywhere with minimal equipment.

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Whether you're a CEO or not, you’re still going to have days at the office when you just can’t go out for a run – or perhaps you can’t run or don’t like to run. Fortunately there are many other ways to make yourself healthier in the workplace. In this episode, you’ll get 5 quick and dirty tips to do just that!>


Tip #1: Flexible Workstations

I purposefully used the word “flexible” workstation rather than "standing" workstation. See, if you simply make a switch from sitting to standing, you’re still going to find yourself in one single position all day long, and this can be just as bad for your joints as having your butt planted in a chair all day long. So “flexible” means that you sometimes sit, sometimes stand, sometimes lie on the floor on your stomach, sometimes kneel, sometimes lunge, etc.

But standing is ultimately the best position to spend most (but not all) of the day in. When you stand, you not only upregulate your metabolic rate, you also increase the activity of fat burning enzymes. In addition, if you’re sitting continuously for 2 hours or longer at the office, research has shown that you’re going to have a higher risk of chronic disease no matter how much you exercise when you leave work.

With the advent of standing workstations such as the RebelDesk and UpDesk, treadmill desks like the TreadDesk, and a variety of standing workstations, there’s no excuse for not finding a way to be vertical at work. Even if you don’t get a fancy standing workstation, the minimum you can do is simply find a surface in your office such as a cupboard or cabinet that is high enough to put a laptop or desktop on! For more tips on creating a standing workstation, check out my episode 7 Ways to Burn Calories by Standing More.

Tip #2: Stretch Break Apps

When I need to work at my desk for an extended period of time, I simply set a stopwatch by my keyboard. That way I am reminded every 25 minutes that I need to stop for a quick fitness break. I stop what I'm doing and stand, pace, or go out in the sunshine for 5 minutes. But if a stopwatch doesn’t work for you, there are apps for your smartphone too! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Eyeleo – This “take a break” tool lets you rest your eyes and forces you to exercise or stretch by disabling your computer screen for a specified period of time.

  • Workrave - A tool that “forces” you to take micro breaks, long breaks, and even limit your daily computer usage while offering a selection of exercises you can do during these breaks.

  • Big Stretch Reminder - Allows you to design breaks exactly how you want them by specifying intervals, what breaks are for, levels of intrusiveness, and more.

  • PC Work Break – A reminder that encourages you to take micro breaks, stretching breaks, eye exercises, and even walks.

  • EVO - A web-based break software that allows you to select from three different ways to reduce eye strain.

Tip #3: Less EMF

Electromagnetic fields (EMF), also known as electrical pollution, can give you brain fog, disrupt focus, decrease productivity, and make your workplace a far less healthy place to be. From WiFi routers, to cell phone signals, to office kitchen microwaves, these electrical fields can be all around you. In my video 7 Ways to Reduce Electrical Pollution in Your Office, I introduce some simple and inexpensive ways you can block EMF or reduce EMF in your workspace, including:

  • Blue light blocking glasses to reduce glare and headaches from staring at your computer screen

  • Greenwave EMF Filters that plug into your wall to block electrical pollution

  • Negative ion generator that plugs into your wall for more healthy electrical ions

  • Laptop grounding cable that plugs into your laptop for fewer power surges

  • Airtube headset to make talking on your cell phone healthier


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