How to Strip 7 Inches of Fat Off Your Waist Using "The Wilderness"

Learn how stepping out into the wilderness—or simulating that environment—can help trigger important health markers and massively accelerate fat loss, even leading to over 7 inches being stripped from your waist! 

Ben Greenfield
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loseincheswiththewildernessThe trip caused huge decreases in body weight and BMI, hip circumference, waist circumference, and waist/hip ratio, including over 7 inches of fat off the waistline of some participants.

Researchers also found decreases of glucose (12.5%), insulin (55%), the inflammatory marker HOMA-IR (58.1%), the 3 month snapshot of blood glucose levels HbA1c (1.8%), triglycerides (20%), total cholesterol (13.7%), LDL-cholesterol (21.9%), and triglycerides/HDL-cholesterol ratio (19.3%).


So what Quick & Dirty Tips can you take away from this study, especially if you decide you don’t want to spend 10 days out hiking in the wilderness?

1. Engage in Low-level Physical Activity All Day Long

The walks and small amounts of manual work provided these participants with the stimulus many of us lack. These folks weren't doing Crossfit or participating in triathlons, obstacle races or bodybuilding; they were just walking and doing some light manual labor, similar to gardening or working in the yard, which should be easy to integrate into most daily routines.

Stuck in an office? Here’s how you can replicate this same effect in an office:

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2. Fast Intermittently 

Contrary to popular belief, eating two meals a day isn't going to suppress your metabolism or cause starvation syndrome. Instead, it causes you to experience light hunger and all the beneficial hormone releases this comes with, including upping regulation of the enzymes responsible for fat loss and mitochondrial density (aka superior fitness!)

3. Drink Plenty of Clean Water 

Participants certainly were experiencing thirst (which has shown to actually cause the anti-inflammatory release of oxytocin), but when they got to the water stations, they were drinking as much good, clean water - without chlorine and other chemicals - as possible.

4. Sleep Naturally

Participants got plenty of sleep, plus limited artificial light exposure at night and natural sun exposure in the morning. They weren't staying up late at night watching Netflix, nor were they rising early in the morning to the sound of the blaring alarm clock.

5. Vary Your Temperature

Participants experienced both slightly uncomfortable heat during the day and cooler temperatures at night. But guess what? This causes the body to burn calories. And there are plenty of other benefits of fluctuating temperature that you can read about here:

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So that’s it! Do low level physical activity all day long, limit your snacking, drink lots of good, clean water, sleep naturally, and don’t be afraid to get hot or cold. With these simple tips, you don't need a trendy diet plan or hard-core exercise program to lose fat fast.

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