How to Trick Your Brain into Giving Your Body a Better Workout (Part 1)

Recent scientific studies have shown that tiredness from physical exercise may be a state of mind, not of body. In Part 1 of this series, Get-Fit Guy will explore the idea of tricking your brain into giving your body a better workout. Plus, find out what is "the zone"?

Ben Greenfield,
August 27, 2013
Episode #151

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When it comes to achieving peak physical performance or pushing yourself to the extreme limits of endurance exhaustion, what do you think is the most important part of your physiology?

  • Your muscles?
  • Your heart?
  • Your lungs?

The surprising answer is: none of the above.

The ultimate arbiter of fatigue is actually situated right between your ears. That's right: it's your brain. And in this 2-part series, you’re going to discover how to trick your brain into giving your body a better workout, how to override fatigue and get tired less quickly, and how to get into the zone!>

The Central Governor Model of Fatigue

The concept of the brain being the central cause of fatigue is a theory I first encountered when I interviewed Dr. Timothy Noakes in the podcast, How You Can Use the 'Central Governor'” to Tap Into Your Muscle’s Hidden Potential. In this episode, Dr. Noakes explains how being tired can all be in your mind, and that you can actually trick your body into exercising for a longer period of time, going harder, or lifting heavier if you distract it with techniques like.....


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