How to Use Minimalist Running Shoes

Learn the best way to use and transition to minimalist running shoes. 

Ben Greenfield

How to Use Minimalist Running Shoes

For quite some time, I’ve been a fan of barefoot running and using minimalist running shoes. In The 411 on Barefoot Running, I teach you how to run barefoot and in Is Barefoot Running Dangerous? you learn about some of the risks of barefoot running.

But what is the best way to use minimalist running shoes, which have less cushioning and a more natural feel than “built-up” running shoes? A recent article in Runner’s World gave some great insight into research on making the transition from regular running shoes to minimalist shoes. Even though the article itself gets fairly scientific, one of the primary take-aways is this:

“If you want to ‘go minimalist,’ the best way to prevent running injuries is to strengthen your feet first, and then afterwards, to make a gradual switch to minimalist shoes and a running pattern that focuses on a more forefoot strike. But you’re not willing to strengthen the feet or make a gradual switch, then stick with regular running shoes!”

Want to get started on your transition to minimalist shoes? Check out my episode on How to Get Stronger Feet.

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