Should You Feel Sore After a Workout?

Ben Greenfield

Ask the Get-Fit Guy: Should I Feel Sore?

Q. Is It Normal To Be Sore After Lifting Weights?

A. In the latest topic, you learned how to make your muscles bigger. If you followed those tips, or you’ve incorporated any of the exercises I’ve mentioned, then you have likely experience soreness. Since exercise produces tiny tears in the muscle, soreness is normal.

Excessive soreness, however, should be avoided. If it is 3 days after a workout, and the muscles you exercised are still painful to the touch or your joints are still stiff, then you probably lifted too much weight or performed too many sets and reps. Normal soreness peaks about 48 hours after a workout, then subsides by the third day.

For some sore muscle remedies, including a video demonstrating a soreness-reducing product I use, head over here.

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