Steps to Stronger Abs

Get-Fit Guy's tips on how to get stronger abs without crunches!

Ben Greenfield
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Q. Crunches aren't making my stomach stronger anymore. What now? A. While crunches are indeed a wonderful beginner's exercise for strengthening the stomach, and even a good "warm-up" exercise for preparing for more rigorous abdominal exercises, they can become easy after your body has grown accustomed to them. So try these plank variations instead.

  • Front Planks: Get into a push-up position, then drop onto your forearms and elbows. Hold that position as long as possible, or try tapping the feet up and down.

  • Side Planks: From a front plank position, roll onto your side, with both feet stacked and your body weight supported on just one forearm instead of both.

  • Stability Ball Corkscrew: Rather than trying to explain this one to you, I'm just going to show you a video of me performing the exercise.


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