The 2019 Worldwide Fitness Trends

The annual survey of worldwide fitness trends is now in its 13th year. Although we know that no one can accurately predict the future, this survey can help us fitness nerds keep an eye on what the rest of the world is up to, and glean some insight into what is a worthwhile trend and what is a passing fad.

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Trend #4: Fitness Programs for Older Adults

This is a trend that emphasizes the specific fitness needs of the current Baby Boom generation and older. Aside from their age, what sets this generation apart is that these individuals, in general, have more discretionary money than their younger counterparts. Fitness clubs have figured this out and are capitalizing on this market.

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This trend is making a strong return after being in the top 10 since 2007 (when it was number two trend) before dropping to #11 for 2017.

Trend #5: Bodyweight Training

I am so happy to see this one on the list since I am a believer in sprinkling in “movement snacks” throughout your day. So, including a combination of variable resistance bodyweight training and neuromotor movements using multiple planes of movement is all about using your bodyweight. And it's a serious and effective training program.

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Bodyweight training appeared for the first time in the trends survey in 2013 (at number 3) and was in the number two position for 2017 and number 4 for 2018. Crazily enough, bodyweight training did not even appear as a survey option before 2013 because it only became popular in gyms around the world over the past few years.

Trend #6: Hiring a Certified Fitness Professional

There has been a steep rise in the popularity of hiring a certified health/fitness professionals over the years. This is likely due to there being more certification programs available in both wider and more focused areas of health and wellness.

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Employing certified fitness professionals was a new survey item for 2019 replacing “educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals,” which was determined to be too broadly defined as a survey item.

Trend #7: Yoga

Ah, good old yoga. Where would we be without yoga and its variety of forms (Power Yoga, Yogilates, yoga in hot environments)? Aside from the studio style, instructional videos, audios, and books also are plentiful—and, as mentioned in the previous trend, so are certifications in the myriad yoga formats.

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Yoga first appeared in the top 10 in this survey in 2008 and has bounced around in that area ever since.

Trend #8: Personal Training

Being a personal trainer myself, I am pleased to see this in the top 10. It shouldn’t be a surprise though, as personal training becomes more accessible online, in health clubs, in your own home, on specialized gear, and even in more progressive workplaces.

Since this survey was first published in 2006, personal training has been a top 10 trend.

Trend #9: Functional Fitness Training

This is another fitness trend that is near and dear to my heart. Functional Fitness uses strength training and other movements to improve balance, coordination, strength, and endurance to enhance activities of daily living. This means replicating actual physical activities someone might do as a function of their daily routine, not just on race day or in competition.

Functional Fitness uses strength training and other movements to enhance the activities of daily living.

Functional fitness first appeared on the survey in the #4 position in 2007 but has been in and out of the top 10 ever since.


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