The Best Exercise Equipment for Building a Perfect Body

Learn how to design the perfect gym for achieving every exercise goal and building a perfect body.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #342

Next, let’s move on to more complex biohacks that can be added to the list above to create the ultimate studio or home gym for molding the perfect body in the most efficient way possible using the most cutting-edge tools available (if you like the type of information below, then I’d highly recommend you read my latest review of the “Biohackers’ Handbook To Exercise”, which will be right up your alley.

-Infrared Sauna

-Portable Cold Pool

-Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Device




-Incline Treadmill

-Standing Workstation

-Topographical Mat


-Inversion Table


-Medicine Ball

-Plyo Boxes

-Barbell Rack

-Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Whew! This may seem like a lot to digest, but try starting simple! For example,this week, begin to build your own travel exercise kit.  Find some elastic tubing or elastic bands with a handle, some kind of a portable foam roller, a jump rope, and a suspension trainer similar to a TRX. Boom. It’s that easy. You’re now equipped to exercise anytime, anywhere - even in a quiet little seaside town.

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