The Best Weight Loss Circuits

Learn the best weight loss circuits, which type of workouts burn the most fat, and how to maximize fat loss with your weight training – without spending a ton of time at the gym.

Ben Greenfield,
Episode #120

As you probably know from my episode Which Workout Burns The Most Fat?, you can get the most weight loss bang-for-your buck by combining weight training with cardiovascular exercise or doing some form of weight training that has a cardio component.

But it’s one thing to know what kind of weight training gives you fat loss, and quite another to figure out which practical weight loss workouts you should actually do. So here are the 4 best weight loss circuits. Each circuit combines the ultimate 1-2 punch of weight training and cardio, so that you get both a hormone and metabolism boosting effect.



Weight Loss Circuit #1: Hurricane Workouts

I can’t take the credit for inventing the awesome name for these workouts. I discovered them through the writing of Martin Rooney who trains Mixed Martial Artists (MMA) athletes around the world. Here’s how you do a Hurricane Workout:

  • Warm-up well

  • Do a short treadmill sprint (choose a speed that is 3-5 miles per hour faster than your normal “jogging” speed and choose the maximum incline you can handle with good running form).

  • Immediately after your sprint, hop off the treadmill and do two back-to-back exercises.

  • Do another short treadmill sprint.

  • Continue this for a total of 9 times.


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