Top 16 Push-Up Variations (Part 1)

Push-ups give you a full body workout, burn fat and build muscle, and you can do them anywhere. Learn Get-Fit Guy’s top 16 push-up variations, plus get an instructional video.

Ben Greenfield
Episode #113

#5. Staggered Base Push-Up. By staggering your hands (putting one hand farther in front than the other), you shift more of your body weight and muscle requirements to one side, which can be a good strategy for athletes who tend to use just one side of the body for certain activities (such as tennis players, baseball players, or MMA fighters) and who need to get used to loading the body asymmetrically.

#6. Alternating Side-to-Side Push-Up. To do this version, move your entire body as far as possible over either your right or left side as you do the push-up. Similar to the staggered base push-up, this is a great way to load the body asymmetrically.

#7. Corkscrew Push-Up. This push-up builds balance and works the sides of your abs and shoulders more than a standard version. Simply do a normal push-up, but in between each push-up, stack one foot on top of the other, rotate your entire body and reach for the ceiling. Then do another push-up, but this time rotate in the opposite direction. To make this version more difficult and harder to balance A) do it with your hands closed into fists and/or B) raise your leg towards the ceiling as you do the corkscrew.

Next week, we’ll jump right into the next 9 variations of the push-up exercise. In the meantime, if you have more questions about the push-up variations video, push-up tips, or your own push-up variations to add, then join the conversation at Facebook.com/GetFitGuy!



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