Top 16 Push-Up Variations (Part 2)

Push-ups give you a full body workout, burn fat and build muscle, and you can do them anywhere. Learn Get-Fit Guy’s top 16 push-up variations, plus get an instructional video.

Ben Greenfield
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Episode #114

#15. Weighted Push-Up. (put plates or backpack on back). If a body weight push-up is feeling too easy, and you need more of a challenge for your upper body or abs, then you’ll need to add weight to a push-up. One way to do this is to put weight plates on your back. But sometimes this can take some assistance from a partner – which is why a backpack filled with books (or weights) is a perfect way to add resistance to a push-up.

#16. Elastic Band Resisted Push-Up. If you don’t have weights or a backpack, or you want to experience resistance in both the lowering and raising phases of the push-up, then you can strap an elastic band or elastic tube with handles across your back, and put one end the elastic band or tube in each hand. When you do a push-up with an elastic band, you’ll find that the band accelerates you towards the ground, so to get the best strength or muscle building results, you should resist that acceleration and do this version in a slow, controlled manner.

There you have it – 16 variations of the traditional push-up that work the entire body. Once you get to know these push-up variations, you can implement them into your workout at the gym, begin your day (like I do) with a handful of your favorite variations, or even include them in the brief 10-minute workouts I described in How to Do a 10-Minute Workout.

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