What is "The Burner"?

Ben Greenfield
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Quick Tip: "The Burner" (A Full Body Exercise)

More often than not, you have those hectic periods in life when time is so valuable that spending an hour in the gym is simply not doable. The good news is that by choosing the correct exercises, it's completely possible to maintain and even improve your fitness with just one 15-minute workout. One great exercise for a short workout is what I call "The Burner." Here's how to do it:

  1. Choose two dumbbells that you're able to press overhead 15 times. Most beginners will use dumbbells in the 10-30 lb range.

  2. Set the two dumbbells in front of your feet, with your feet about shoulder width apart, your arms extended down to the ground, and your hands holding onto the dumbbells. You should be in a deep crouching position with knees bent and back straight.

  3. From this position, kick your feet out behind you, thrusting both feet into the air and out to a push-up position, with your shoulders and wrists over the dumbbells and your hands still attached to the dumbbells, which should still be resting on the floor.

  4. Kick back up to the starting position, then stand up straight with the dumbbells, while maintaining good form. This is easier said than done--your back needs to stay straight, so your knees and hips will have to do most of the lifting. As you stand, you will transfer the dumbbells from the floor and up to your shoulders, so that they are ready to press overhead when you're in the standing position. Then press the dumbbells overhead, hold briefly, then bring them--under control--back down to your shoulders.

  5. Return the weight to the floor, again easier said than done, by maintaining the back-straight, knees-bent, weight-on-heels position. 

That's one rep! But you've used over 90% of the muscles in your body with that single repetition. Basically this exercise is a combination of "Deadlift to Kickout" and "Deadlift to Overhead Press". Enjoy.

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