What is Metabolic Profiling and Can it Help You?

Is a malfunctioning metabolism really why you can't lose weight and keep it off? Get-Fit Guy delves into metabolic profiling with guest Angelo Poli of MetPro. 

Brock Armstrong
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Episode #439

This episode was made in partnership with MetPro, and if you're interested in working with MetPro, go to MetPro.co/GetFitGuy. But even if MetPro isn't for you, you can learn a lot from this episode! Keep reading. 

Scientifically speaking, "metabolism" describes all the chemical reactions involved in being a living organism. Or, as Get-Fit Guy guest Angelo Poli of MetPro says, "The source of all frustration and agrivation in life." Does your metabolism prevent you from maintaining a healthy weight? If so, can metabolic profiling help?

Like your thumbprint, your metabolism is unique to you based on your genetics, lifestyle, dietary history, and general health and fitness levels. Metabolism is an elusive thing that gets blamed again and again as the reason you can't wake up when your alarm rings, keep your eyes open during a business meeting, or stay up late on weekends. But most often, it's thought of as the villain that makes you struggle to lose weight and keep it off.

In this episode of the Get-Fit Guy podcast I delve into a thing called metabolic profiling. Metabolic profiling analyzes a person’s specific response to diet and activity. Then, with the help of a coach, that diet and exercise routine gets a makeover based on that individual's personal responses, lifestyle and goals.

How Your Metabolism Gets Broken

A few years ago the Nutrition Diva (Monica Reinagel) wrote an article dissecting the publication of what was dubbed the “Biggest Loser” study. In that article, Monica dove into research that tracked the progress of 14 contestants on the reality show The Biggest Loser. Each contestand had lost a massive amount of weight during the course of the show.

Six years later, all but one of the contestants had regained a significant amount of weight. Four are now heavier than before the show began. And before you jump to conclusions, the study demonstrated that this struggle was not simply a failure of willpower. In large part, the poor folks who spent so much time getting yelled at on a treadmill in front of millions of television viewers regained weight because they had experienced a dramatic slow-down in their metabolisms. That slow-down meant that even if they did keep up a daily caloric intake aimed at maintaining their new lower weight, they gained weight anyway.

And this in not the only study to describe this phenomenon. The New England Journal of Medicine published essentially the same findings a few years earlier, which led to a popular New York Times article about the issue. 

How to Repair Your Metabolism

Enter today's guest, Angelo Poli. Angelo is the Founder of MetPro, the world’s first algorithm-based transformation engine. Using a process called metabolic profiling, MetPro analyzes your metabolism and provides an individualized approach to obtaining your health goals.

Angelo has been featured for his specialty in Neuromuscular Re-education (Posture and Alignment) and weight loss sciences in major media outlets such as Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, and The Wall Street Journal. He's also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Poli has spoken at TEDx and other conferences, and he is a Wellness Consultant for multiple universities and hospitals around the USA.

To get the full story, be sure you listen to our entire conversation in this Get-Fit Guy podcast episode. During the interview, you'll learn more about:

  • What metabolism is. Is it really "the source of all frustration and aggravation in life?"
  • Why your body craves homeostasis 
  • Whether you can really test and track your metabolism
  • Why two seemingly identical people can eat the same amount of calories but weigh different amounts 
  • My own experience being tested by the MetPro system
  • Why being consistent with health and fitness is a skill set that needs to be learned 
  • How MetPro tests your fitness level. (Watch Brock doing his own MetPro fitness test.)
  • Why Angelo says "If you try to achieve all your goals at once, you will achieve none"
  • How quickly should you lose weight or get in shape (Spoiler: it depends)
  • Why you would increase your caloric intake when you're trying to lose weight
  • Angelo's four levers that contribute to weight loss: calories, carbs, meat timing, and exercise. 
  • Why preparing a healthy afternoon snack is one of the most disruptive behaviours a person can do, from a lifestyle coaching perspective
  • How anchoring your exercise to another static habit that you already have in your life can lead to success
  • How you can sign up for a 30 minute complimentary consultation at MetPro.co/getfitguy

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