Why the Best Workout Is the One You’re Not Doing

Find out why the best workout is the one you’re not doing—plus, discover what you can do about it. 

Ben Greenfield
Episode #268

It was pretty straightforward really. The DCL group (daily changing load and volume of repetitions) won hands down when it came to strength increases and reaping the benefits of resistance training. This is particularly powerful since these were trained individuals, in which it can be harder to induce strength increases.

I recommend you introduce new fitness moves or change up your workouts at least once a month.

It’s pretty easy to understand why this favorable adaptation to daily change ups in one’s workout occurred. In Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight, I describe the SAID principle of exercise. SAID stands for Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands, and this means that our bodies eventually adapt to the demands we place upon them.

So if you’re doing the same workout routine or the same exercises week after week, or month after month, your body becomes very efficient at those exercises or that routine. Thus, you no longer burn as many calories or get as good a fitness response from your efforts.

This is why I personally change up my routine every week, and I recommend you introduce new fitness moves or change up your workouts at least once a month to get the biggest bang for your workout buck. It’s also why I publish articles such as 5 New Fat Burning Exercises, in which you discover new moves that allow you to burn fat fast, challenge your metabolism, and keep your workouts exciting.

Let’s finish with an example of “changing things up":

Monday: 4 sets of 8-10 reps of squat, dead lift, overhead press and dumbbell chest press

Tuesday: 3 sets of 15-20 reps of one leg squat, one leg dead lift, one arm overhead press and dumbbell one arm chest press

Wednesday: 2 sets of 3-5 reps of front squat, sumo dead lift, overhead dumbbell press and bench press

Thursday: Cardio, core and interval training

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Same as Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

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