Ask the Diva: Good Online Recipe Sites?

Nutrition Diva shares her favorite online resources for creative recipes. Plus - which web sites are your favorite destinations for finding and storing tasty recipes? Weigh in.

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Ask the Diva: Good Online Recipe Sites?

Q. I am attempting to cook more for my family and am experimenting with the countless recipe websites out there. But which one is best? In addition to good and healthy food options, I'm interested in a site (or app) that allows me to bookmark and save recipes as well as generate grocery lists and maybe even offer a printable menu I can impress my family with. Surely your audience has some suggestions! Thanks for all the tips!

A. You’re not alone. As I mentioned in my review of Nutrition in 2012, home cooking is enjoying a bit of a revival. And you’re right: There are a bewildering number of recipe sites on the Web.

Before I throw your question out to the Nutrition Diva community, I’ll put in a plug for my personal favorite, Epicurious.com. (Disclaimer: I have done some freelance work for them in the past.)

Unlike crowd-sourced recipe sites where anyone can enter Aunt Jane’s Chili recipe (but no one is proofreading to catch that you entered 1 tablespoon of salt when you actually meant 1 teaspoon), virtually all of the recipes on Epicurious have been created by professional chefs, thoroughly vetted by editors, and extensively reviewed by users.


I also like that you can also search/sort recipes by various criteria, including what ingredients they do and don't contain, whether they are "healthy," and whether they are "quick and easy." Many recipes (especially the healthy ones) include nutritional information. You can save your favorites to a recipe box and save ingredients to a shopping list and they also have developed some companion mobile apps.

However, as a quick scan of the user reviews will reveal, Epicurious is really geared for foodies, so the recipes tend toward more exotic cuisines, elaborate preparations, and trendy, high-end ingredients. If I’m looking for more basic, budget- and/or kid-friendly options, I often turn to recipe.com (Same disclaimer as before.)

OK, Nutrition Diva fans, it’s your turn:  When you’re looking for a can’t-miss recipe, which sites do you trust? Which have the best mix of features and functionality? Any favorite recipe sites catering to special dietary needs, such as gluten-free or low-carb? Share your wisdom below.

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