Calorie Free Drinks

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS,

Ask the Diva: When does drinking count as eating?

Q. In episode 32 (How often should you eat?), you say that there are some benefits to going longer periods between meals, without snacking in between. Does drinking diet soda, tea, coffee, water, sports drinks, juice, alcohol, or a fully-loaded soda cancel the benefits of being in the post-absorptive state? Is drinking the same as snacking?

A. Drinking has the same effect as eating if the beverages contain calories. So, drinking a soda, sports drink, juice, or alcoholic beverage between meals would indeed take you out of the post-absorptive state and put you back in the fed state. Calorie-free beverages like black coffee, tea, diet soda, or water would not have the same effect. Find answers to more listener questions on the Nutrition Diva’s Facebook page.



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