5 Fresh Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Every family has their own way of celebrating, and with Thanksgiving on tap, it can be the perfect time to add a new twist to existing holiday rituals or start a brand new one this year.  Mighty Mommy has five fresh ways you can make your family’s Thanksgiving holiday even more special.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #405

The holiday season is probably the most popular time for family traditions. Traditions are the glue that keeps a family together. We all have busy lives, and adding a small tradition here or there can make all the difference in maintaining and strengthening your family bonds. Every family has their own way of celebrating and with Thanksgiving on tap, it can be the perfect time to add a new twist to existing holiday rituals or to start a brand new one this year.

Mighty Mommy has 5 fresh ways you can make your family’s Thanksgiving holiday even more special.

Switch Up the Turkey and Fixings

Turkey and stuffing has long been the focal point of most Thanksgiving menus across the country.  According to a survey by the National Turkey Federation, an outstanding 88% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The average weight of turkeys purchased for Thanksgiving is 16 pounds, meaning that approximately 736 million pounds of turkey were consumed in the United States during Thanksgiving in 2015. Gobble gobble! 

If you’re like my family, you can’t wait to smell the heavenly aroma of the traditional roasted turkey on Thanksgiving Day, accompanied by the combination of homemade rolls, sweet potato casserole, and of course, a succulent pumpkin pie. However, this year you might try an entirely new way to prepare Tom Turkey, such as deep frying it in the backyard (we did this last year and it was simply one of the best turkeys we’ve ever eaten!) or even grilling it (think of all that room you’ll save in your oven that day).   In this article written by Tyler Wells Lynch, 10 alternative ways to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, you'll find some tasty ways to get creative with your bird!

And don’t stop there!  Even if you have a beloved stuffing recipe that’s been handed down for generations, you can even kick that up a notch if you’re willing to think out of the box (and if you do make stuffing right from the box, that’s OK too!).  Ever have stuffing made in a waffle iron?  In addition to deep-frying our turkey last Thanksgiving, we changed up many of our side dishes, including my grandmother's stuffing.  Check out this list of innovative ways to prepare your stuffing this year in this article called Turkey Day Hacks, 7 Alternatives to Traditional Stuffing.

Send Thanksgiving Cards

Sending holiday cards is a tradition I’ve loved ever since I became a mother 23 years ago. I openly admit I enjoy sharing photos of my kids with anyone and everyone who would like to take an hour, I mean a few seconds, to see how my kids have grown. When I started my family two decades ago, let’s not forget we didn’t have the avenues of social media available that we do now, so getting an actual photo card really was a treat for people.  Now, with Facebook and Instagram, our friends and family can enjoy our photographs instantly on a near daily basis. That’s why a few years ago I decided to switch it up and send my holiday cards out for Thanksgiving rather than Christmas. There’s something pretty special about expressing gratitude to the people who are important in your life, so why not let them know during the wonderful season of Thanksgiving? Get your kids involved in the design and wording! Two other great reasons to send Thanksgiving cards are that the people receiving them will have more time to enjoy your card because they aren’t getting bombarded with dozens of other cards, and you will free yourself up from the task of sending out holiday cards when the Christmas rush hits!


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