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Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Ask the Diva: Do I Have to Eat the Same Number of Calories Every Day?

Q. I lead a healthy and active lifestyle and eat a diet of mostly vegetables, fruits, and low-fat proteins, and I eat few processed foods. The thing is, I love nuts. I only eat them a couple of times a week but when I do, I eat a large portion (100g). Because of my activity level this does not cause me to gain weight. Does it matter if my intake of calories and fat differs from day to day as long as it all averages out?

A. Basically, instead of having a serving of nuts every day, you have three servings’ worth every three days or so. All other things being equal, your calorie intake on “nutty days” might be 20% higher than on non-nutty days. But it sounds as if your intake of calories (and nuts) over the course of a week is not excessive.

Given what you’ve told me, the day-to-day variance in fat and calories doesn’t worry me too much. As long as your diet is otherwise healthy and you’re maintaining a healthy weight, it’s not necessary to eat the exact same number of calories every day. In fact, very few people do!

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