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What Other Foods Cause Gas?

Fiber isn’t the only thing that can cause gas, however. The other, more odiferous culprits are complex natural sugars found in beans, vegetables, and whole grains. Because these particular sugar molecules tend to be large and complicated, they often arrive in the large intestine before they’ve all been completely broken down and absorbed. It’s these remaining sugars that cause the problem. With beans, you get a double-whammy because they not only contain a lot of these complex sugars, but the kind of fiber they contain is mostly the soluble type.

How to Get Rid of Gas

One thing you can do to greatly reduce the amount of sugars that reach the large intestine is to take an over-the-counter product called Beano. It contains a natural enzyme called alpha-galactosidase, which specifically targets these complex sugar molecules, helping to break them down more completely before they get to the large intestine and start whooping it up, as it were. Your body produces alpha-galactosidase, too, but sometimes just not enough to get the job done.

Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods gradually, rather than suddenly, to prevent gas.

You’ll get the best results if you use this product properly. Timing is important; you want to take the Beano with your first bite of food. If you forget and take it after the meal, it will help some but not nearly as much. Don’t add Beano to the food while you’re cooking, however, because the heat will break the enzyme down and inactivate it.

The amount you take is also important. Each dose is intended to cover a single serving of hard-to-digest foods. So, if you’re having a bowl of chili with an order of coleslaw on the side, you might want to double up your dose. 

When properly used, Beano is quite effective and completely safe—except for those with a rare inherited disorder called galactosemia, and these people know who they are. I’ll include a link in the show notes to more information about Beano, which foods it works best on, and how to use it.

Do Antacids and Gas-Ex Get Rid of Gas?

Now, here’s one thing that isn’t likely to help despite its name: Gas-Ex is an over-the-counter remedy which claims to eliminate gas and bloating. The active ingredient, simethicone, can help reduce the amount of trapped air in your stomach, which might reduce belching. But it’s not going to have any effect on gas in the large intestine. Antacids, like Tums or Rolaids, also will have no effect on intestinal gas.

Lactose Intoleranance Can Cause Gas

Finally, there are other things that cause intestinal gas that don’t have anything to do with fiber or complex sugars. If you’re lactose intolerant, for example, you might experience gas after eating dairy products. None of the solutions I’ve talked about today are likely to help. Instead, you’ll want to either avoid dairy, or use a product called Lactaid. Like Beano, Lactaid contains an enzyme that helps break down sugars. But instead of targeting the sugars found in beans and broccoli, it works on the sugar found in milk.

For more on other causes of intestinal gas and suggestions for how to treat them, see the show notes for a link to a good review article. But if it’s simply your healthy diet that’s causing a disruption in your home, office, or carpool, take heart! The tips I’ve given you today should allow you to enjoy all the healthy benefits of beans, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains, penalty free!

Ask the Diva: All About Alli

Q: Can using products like Beano, Lactaid, and Gas-Ex can lower the effectiveness of the fat blocker Alli?

A: Alli works by inhibiting the absorption of fat in your digestive tract and these products shouldn’t interfere with that.


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