Is Your Protein Bar Healthy? Part 2

Get-Fit Guy explains a deceiving ingredient that can be found in many protein bars, and how it complicates the effectiveness of protein bars even further.

Ben Greenfield
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Is Your Protein Bar Healthy? Part 2

In response to last week’s newsletter tip about protein bars, Dawn wrote in:

“In your latest newsletteryou mentioned that sugar alcohols are bad and should be avoided. Can you please elaborate? I thought they were better for you since they don't raise your blood sugar like regular sugar does?”

Dawn is correct. Sugar alcohols such as Maltitol Syrup, Xylitol, Sorbitol, Lactitol, Mannitol, and Erythritol do not significantly raise blood sugar. But as the Nutrition Diva points out in What Are Sugar Alcohols? they can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. This is the reason why many drinks and protein bars marketed as fitness nutrition can have you taking multiple trips to the toilet, or having your workout distracted by uncomfortable bloating and gas.

In small amounts, sugar alcohols are not a problem. But if you have gastrointestinal issues during or after your workouts and can’t figure out why, sugar alcohols can often be the culprit!

If you have questions about whether your protein bar is healthy, then ask away the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page.

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