What Are Good Vegetarian Sources of Iron?

It's easy to get enough iron from plant-based foods. Bookmark Nutrition Diva's handy cheat sheet of plant foods that are high in iron.

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Q. "What are good sources of iron for vegetarians?"

A. It's easy to get enough iron from a plant-based diet. In fact, vegans are no more likely to suffer from iron deficiency anemia than meat eaters are. That said, the form of iron found in plants is not as absorbable as the iron found in animal foods.

Combining iron-rich foods with foods that are high in vitamin C (such as citrus or tomatoes) greatly enhances your absorption of plant-based iron. 

Here's a handy guide to plant foods that are good sources of iron. Those foods that are also high in vitamin C are shown in bold face.


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