Is Microwave Cooking Safe?

Should you avoid microwaving baby food?

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Q. Does microwaving food significantly decrease its nutritional content?  I am introducing my baby to solid foods and find it easier to heat a bowl of frozen peas in the microwave than to steam them. I make sure they are still bright green and aren't overcooked. A lot of baby food sites discourage using the microwave for this purpose. However, it's unclear to me how much of this advice is based on fact.

A. Myths about microwaving abound and this question comes up so frequently that I’ve posted some resources and references on my Nutrition Diva Facebook page. You can view them here, even if you’re not a Facebook user.

In fact, the latest research indicates that microwaving vegetables is actually a good way to preserve the vitamin content. However, I strongly recommend avoiding the use of plastics in the microwave--even those that are labeled “microwave safe.”  Use only glass or ceramic microwave-safe dishes and lids.

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