Natural Trans Fats

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Ask the Diva: Why are There Trans Fats in My Yogurt?

Q. I wrote to my favorite yogurt company, Cabot, after seeing trans fat listed on the Nutrition Facts label of their Greek yogurt. I received a letter back with a link to an article about natural trans fats in dairy being good for you. What is your take? I have never heard of a natural trans fat.

A.  Many people are under the impression that trans fats are all man-made. But, in fact, small amounts of trans fats occur naturally in dairy and beef.  Natural trans fats don't seem to have the same damaging health effects as the man-made trans fats that you find in hydrogenated vegetable oils. And, yes, preliminary research suggests that some of the naturally occurring trans fats in dairy may actually be beneficial.  But keep in mind that the amount of naturally occurring trans fats is pretty small; it's nothing to worry about but it's also unlikely to have a substantial positive impact either.

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