What Does Nutrition Diva Eat?

Like you, Nutrition Diva lives in the real world - the one that includes surprise pizza parties and other unforeseen developments. Here's how the ultimate nutrition expert navigates through the twists and turns of real life (without deprivation or hunger).

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Episode #290

9:00 am

Breakfast today is a smoothie made with kefir (for probiotics), flax seeds (for omega-3s and fiber), whey protein powder (for extra protein), raw swiss chard (to knock off a serving or two of vegetables), and frozen strawberries (for yumminess). My smoothie ended up being about 300 calories but, more importantly provided almost 30 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber, which should keep me happy until lunch time.

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1:00 pm

Around 1pm, I started feeling hungry - right on schedule! I find that a 300-calorie meal keeps me full for about 3 hours, while a 500-calorie meal keeps me going about 5 hours. That quick and dirty rule helps me decide how many calories I want to eat and/or how long it'll be before I'm hungry.  

Today's lunch was the salad you see above. I started out with lettuce, tomatoes, and mushrooms - check off 3 more servings of vegetables! But a vegetable salad doesn't have enough calories or protein to make a complete meal. (See also: Why am I So Hungry After Eating Vegetables?)  In order to make sure I wasn't hungry an hour later, I added hard boiled eggs and blue cheese, plus a couple of strawberries just for fun. 

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