How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Want to stop snoring tonight? Before you buy strips, a special mouthpiece, or an anti-snoring chin strap, or even get nostril surgery, try these five things that can make you stop snoring. Spouses, rejoice!

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Sing to stop snoring and other natural remedies

Sing in the Shower

This may surprise you, but a study concluded that healthy adults were less likely to snore if they sang for 20 minutes each day. So make shower time performance time and turn your commute into a Broadway musical. It doesn’t matter if you sound like a screeching cat when you belt out a tune: the physical act of singing exercises the mouth muscles that can cause snoring.

Change Your Sleeping Position

You are more likely to snore if you sleep on your back. In this position, your tongue is likely to sit further in your throat blocking more of your airway. Switch things up and minimize your snoring by sleeping on either your side or your stomach. For those who have a lifelong habit of back sleeping, this may be easier said than done, but it’s worth the effort for more restful nights. If you can’t get to sleep on your side, at least prop yourself up— pile more pillows under your head to help keep your airway open, or even place a couple of risers or boards under two legs of your bed to help you get a better angle for clear breathing.

Try Sesame Oil

Open, sesame! Head to health-food or vitamin store and get some sesame essential oil. Place one drop in each nostril before bed each night. The oil moistens the tissues in your airways and quiets their vibrations. The magnesium in sesame seeds is its key ingredient. It’s used to help prevent airway spasms in asthma patients, so go ahead and reap the benefits.

Skip the Nightcap

If you usually have a drink or two before bed, it might be time to cut them out of your nighttime routine. Drinking alcohol can cause snoring because it relaxes your throat muscles. Sorry, Don Drapers of the world.

Use This Mouthwash

A head cold or seasonal allergies can intensify snoring. Use this trick to prevent snoring and help you get a better night’s sleep when you’re under the weather. Mix up a cleansing peppermint mouthwash by adding just one or twos drops of peppermint essential oil to a glass of water. Gargle this herbal remedy in the back of your throat (being careful not to swallow it) to shrink inflamed tissue in the throat. The bonus: extra-fresh breath!

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