Can Too Much Protein Stop Fat Loss?

Get-Fit Guy explains why shouldn't chug protein shakes or eat tons of protein bars. Turns out, they can actually cause weight gain! Here's how. 

Ben Greenfield
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Can Too Much Protein Stop Fat Loss?

There’s a perception among exercisers that you can suck down as many protein shakes and chew through as many protein bars as you’d like without actually gaining weight.

However, the truth is that protein can actually hinder weight loss – through a process called gluconeogenesis.

Through gluconeogenesis, when you eat excess protein (even from “lean” sources like chicken, turkey, or protein bars) your liver very easily transforms that protein into sugar. And that sugar can then be converted into fat and deposited right on your waistline!

So how much protein is “too much”? In the episode How Much Protein Should I Eat? the Nutrition Diva outlines your basic protein needs. If you’re going significantly above and beyond the amounts she outlines, you’re probably converting protein into sugar, and sugar into fat.

If you have more questions about how too much protein can stop fat loss, then ask away at the Get-Fit Guy Facebook page.

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