Do Fat Loss Spas and Clinics Work?

Find out whether a fat loss clinic is dangerous or beneficial.

Ben Greenfield
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Do Fat Loss Spas and Fat Loss Clinics Work?

If you've been paying attention, you know that I did a two part series on How To Lose Fat Quickly.

Of course, nowhere is the idea of fast fat loss more prominently displayed than on the TV show The Biggest Loser, where contestants are eliminated if their fat-loss progress isn’t fast enough. The environment of The Biggest Loser is just like a fat-loss spa or fat-loss clinic, also occasionally called a "fat farm."

At these locations, participants are typically immersed in a health, exercise, diet, and lifestyle reinvention program with the goal of weight loss, and "detoxification." Often, the spa or clinic includes a medical staff, and may also include cooking, stress management, and weight-loss motivational classes. Popular examples include Canyon Ranch, The Cooper Clinic, and The Hilton Head Health Institute.

While at the spa or clinic, there is no doubt that you will lose weight in a socially supportive and highly educational setting. The trick is maintaining that weight loss, and healthy lifestyle, when you go home.

Since your body never "gets rid" of fat cells, but merely shrinks them, they’re always there waiting for those excess calories--so if weight loss is a struggle for you, you must be willing to live a moderate lifestyle, pay attention to what you eat, and stay as active as possible. If you can commit to that, a fat loss spa or clinic might be the perfect way to jumpstart the process.

Who knows--maybe someday we can have a Get-Fit Guy fat-loss getaway!

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