How to Treat Asthma

Treating asthma is tough, so prevention is #1.

Rob Lamberts, MD
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Episode #33

Quick and Dirty Tips for Asthma

I’d better go on to my Quick and Dirty Tips.

Tip 1: Look for the Signs
If you have a persistent cough, unexplained shortness of breath with exercise, or episodes of wheezing, see your doctor to find out if you have asthma. Remember, intermittent symptoms could make diagnosis tricky.

Tip 2: Take Asthma Seriously
Remember that asthma can be fatal. If you have asthma that gives symptoms more than twice a week or wakes you up more than twice a month, visit your doctor and ask about preventive medication. Pay close attention to symptoms, and look for signs of worsening. There are even home devices that measure how quickly you can exhale; talk to your doctor about this. The earlier you catch an asthma attack, the less likely it will be serious.

Tip 3: Have a Plan
Any asthmatic with more than mild symptoms should have a plan of action for worsening of symptoms. When do you increase your medications?  When do you take oral steroids?  When do you visit your doctor?  When do you go to the hospital?  All of these questions should be addressed in an asthma plan.

Tip 4:  When in Doubt, Get Evaluated
It’s always better to react too early than too late. The tragedy of asthma-related deaths is that they are nearly always preventable. Don’t be afraid of what the doctor will think, be afraid of asthma.

That’s it. Believe it or not, there is more, but this is Quick and Dirty Tips, not 60 minutes.

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Catch you next time!  Stay Healthy!

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