What Causes a Heart Attack?

What causes a heart attack and what should you do if you think you are having one?

Rob Lamberts, MD
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Episode #036

Quick and Dirty Tips for Heart Attack

Let me finish with my quick and dirty tips for heart attack.

Tip 1: Prevent It

If you have any of the risk factors for heart disease, please see your doctor and do what you can to prevent a heart attack. If you aren’t sure you have any of these risk factors, ask your doctor. You don’t want to find out in the emergency room.

Tip 2: If You Have Chest Pain, Get Seen as Soon as Possible

Did I mention this? Don’t delay! Get seen as soon as you can! Don’t page your doctor. Don’t call your neighbor. Get help as soon as possible! Don’t be embarrassed. You’d rather go in for gas, than stay at home with a heart attack. Time is of the essence. Don’t delay! I am sure I said that at least once.

Tip 3: Be Prepared

Keep aspirin on hand and chew one up immediately if you think you may be having a heart attack. It’s also good to learn CPR so that if someone around you does have a heart attack, you can keep them alive long enough for them to get help.

That’s all for today. My next article will cover all of the tests and procedures that are done for the heart, like EKG’s, stress tests, bypass surgeries, and heart catheterization.

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Let me remind you that this podcast is for informational purposes only. My goal is to add to your medical knowledge and translate some of the weird medical stuff you hear, so when you do go to your doctor, your visits will be more fruitful. I don’t intend to replace your doctor; he or she is the one you should always consult about your own medical condition.

Catch you next time!  Stay Healthy!

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