How to Stop Feeling Inadequate

Feeling insecure is part of being human. Whether the whispers of “You’re not good enough” come from someone in your life or from inside your own head, here are six tips to quiet the voices and feel more self-assured.

Ellen Hendriksen, PhD
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But these mainstays of pop culture and internet gurus are narrow and, truth be told, misguided. A good life comes from so much more: having integrity, being curious, a hunger to learn, doing things you love, speaking the truth, and most of all, creating and maintaining warm and loving relationships with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong—enjoy pop culture and internet gurus for what they’re worth, but don’t rely on them to tell you what makes you worthy.

Tip #4: Beware contingent self-esteem.

A term called contingent self-esteem is the tendency to change one’s self-evaluation based on feedback. It’s the most fragile form of self-esteem, as it is controlled by others and requires meeting their standards in order to earn value or worth as a person.

Contingent self-esteem doesn’t just create a shaky foundation for self-image; it puts our very health at risk. In a 2017 paper, two researchers from Stockholm University examined 122 participants and found that those diagnosed with exhaustion, cardiac issues, or immunological disease scored significantly higher on measures of contingent self-esteem than healthy controls.

Tip #5: Give your best self a rest.

Despite what every magazine cover would have us believe, it’s perfectly okay not to be your “best” self all the time. Too often, we want people to like us or want to come across as having it all together, so we end up trying too hard. But in pushing so hard to be our “best,” we subtly tell ourselves that being just as we are is insufficient. The solution? It’s okay not to push your best self out on stage all the time. Instead, just be your self.

Tip #6: Remember that perfection is boring.

It’s easy to feel intimidated and inadequate compared to people with seemingly perfect lives. But have you ever walked into a “perfectly” decorated room? They’re soulless and boring, like a hotel lobby or a furniture showroom. They’re the last place you’d want to kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and have a few belly laughs with buddies.

People who advertise their seemingly perfect lives are similar: a mix of intimidating and oddly boring. When something is perfect, it means there’s nowhere else to go. Things are finished. The story is over. And how boring is that?

Much better to be a work in progress, to let some of the crazy hang out, or, best of all, to add “yet” to your unfinished dreams.

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