Do Compression Socks Really Work?

Compression socks are no longer just for the elderly. Tons of pro athletes are now wearing them to improve performance and aid in recovery. But do they work? Get-Fit Guy looks at the evidence.

Ben Greenfield
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You know those slightly dorky-looking knee high socks that you used to only see old men and Las Vegas waitresses wearing to improve blood flow and avoid varicose veins?

It seems that Olympic athletes and exercise enthusiasts around the globe are now sporting compression socks, and I have to admit that I not only use them when I race triathlons and travel, but I even wear them around the house during the day.

But do they really work?

A study this week entitled “Effect of Compression Stockings on Physiological Responses and Running Performance in Division III Collegiate Cross-Country Runners During a Maximal Treadmill Test” looked into that very question. Using a maximal treadmill test one week with the socks on and the next week with the socks off, the researchers investigated both performance and build-up of lactic acid in participants.

They found no effect on performance, but a decrease in the build-up of lactic acid. Technically, since lactic acid ultimately results in production of the tiny hydrogen ions that make your muscles burn and that can increase the time it takes you to recover, this means that you may not be any faster or work out any harder when you’re wearing compression socks, but you may actually recover faster!

Plus, they just make you look serious about your fitness.

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