Millennials Are as Unhealthy as Their Parents — Here’s How to Fix It

Research has shown that millennials (aka, Generation Y) are just as unhealthy as their parents. Derek Flanzraich, founder and CEO of Greatist, wants to change that. here are his 7 tips to help millennials get (and stay) healthy.

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1.     Identify why you want to be healthier

Setting a goal for your health is one thing, but being driven by something bigger will set you up for success. Are you trying to get six-pack abs in six weeks, or do you just want to wear your tightest pants with a little more confidence? Set visible goals and allow the end result to drive more of your choices each day.

2.     Identify what’s been standing in your way and what needs to change

Be honest with yourself about why you haven’t achieved a particular health goal so you can focus on combating that deterrent. Are you excited to make the change? Harness that excitement and think about it every day to maintain your motivation.

3.     Find healthy foods you enjoy

Healthy eating doesn’t have to mean eating bland foods and constantly feeling hungry. Experiment with cooking healthy new recipes. Find ones you love and would be happy to eat over and over again, then substitute them for a few unhealthy dishes in your diet.

4.     Find a workout you can get excited about

The gym can be an intimidating place, so finding workouts you love takes an open mind. If you don’t like hitting the treadmill, that’s OK. Consider nontraditional ways to be active, such as playing soccer or doing Zumba with friends. Instead of dreading your workout, you can not only look forward to these fun and energizing activities, but also keep doing them long into the future.

5.     Find a regular activity that lets you simply breathe

Finding calm in your hectic schedule may seem difficult, but it’s an often underrated and uber-important step in your health journey. Whether it’s meditating, cooking, or just relishing a morning routine, setting aside time to slow down and breathe will relieve stress and bring more lasting indulgence and enjoyment than a late-night pizza.

6.     Connect with friends and make it social

Some people are really self-driven, but most of us find activities are better with friends. Set up a regular get-together with your college buddies to play a quick game of basketball or use the internet to find some locals who also like to run. Social support from friends and family provides accountability that will keep you in check and yet another reason to keep at it.

7.     Find something awesome to listen to

Your workout can be a great time to multitask. Complement your workout with music you love, podcasts that get you thinking and motivated, or even an audiobook to incentivize you to work out.

The road to healthy living starts with you. Finding the little things that inspire you to change for the better takes some trial and error, but the good feelings will outweigh the discomfort you might feel while getting there. The best thing? It’s never too late to start. The sooner you begin to improve your health, the faster and longer you’ll benefit from the results.


Derek Flanzraich is an entrepreneur on a mission to help the world think about health in a healthier way. He is the founder and CEO of Greatist, a media startup working to make healthy living cool.


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