Quick and Dirty Tips About Acetaminophen

 5 tips on the uses and dangers of acetaminophen (aka Tylenol)

Sanaz Majd, MD
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Acetaminophen is the number one cause of drug-induced liver failure in the United States. Here are 5 tips on using it safely:

Tip #1 - It is safe to use for fever and pain. Make sure you read the dosage guides carefully, and consult your doctor if you are unsure.  

Tip #2 - Using it outside of the recommended dose doesn’t make it work better and can cause serious harm.

Tip #3 - Check the labels of any other prescription or over-the counter medications you are taking. Not doing this could make you accidentally take too much acetaminophen. 

Tip #4 - Don’t take acetaminophen if you have liver disease or regularly drink more than two drinks per day without first consulting your doctor.

Tip #5 - If you or a loved one has possibly taken too much, seek immediate attention. Time is of the essence. Go to the emergency room right away.

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