What Causes Body Odor?

Why are some areas of the body more prone to smell?

Sanaz Majd, MD
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Body odor is known in scientific circles as bromidrosis. The root cause of the socially handicapping odor is our old friend, bacteria. But bacteria aren’t always very friendly; in fact, they are often impolite guests on your body, leaving waste products that are anything but hospitable. The more bacteria there are, the more waste; and the more waste, the more the stink.

 Recalling what we learned from earlier articles, bacteria grow well when they have:

  • Moisture

  • Food to eat

  • Warmth

  • Proper environment, including things like sodium concentration and pH

Can you guess where on your body bacteria consider prime real estate? Applying the “sniff test” you would guess: armpits, groin, and feet. And you would be right! 

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Sanaz Majd, MD

Dr. Sanaz Majd is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia. Her special interests are women's health and patient education. 

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