5 Influential Parenting Trends for 2019

Mighty Mommy explores the 5 back-to-basics parenting trends of 2019. Try them out on your family today and feel the positive impact for years to come.

Cheryl Butler
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Last year I shared 5 Influential Parenting Trends for 2018, and I’ve got to tell you—I was totally on board with all of them:

  1. Getting Unplugged
  2. Time Savvy Hacks
  3. Eco-Friendly Toys
  4. Making Time to be Selfish
  5. Encouraging Body Neutrality

Each of these trends focused on ways to get back to basics with your family as well as how to look after your own needs (bravo if you managed that one!). 

Welcome 2019, and we have five fresh, new crop of ideas that I’m excited about.  Whether you’re a trend-following junkie or watch cautiously from the sidelines, here are five significant parenting trends that will improve your family life this year:

5 Influential Parenting Trends for 2019

  1. Scavenger Hunt Birthdays
  2. More Self-Care
  3. Welcome Back Flip-Phones
  4. Tune in to Audiobooks
  5. Celebrating Life’s Little Moments     

Let’s delve in to each one in more detail.

Trend #1: Scavenger Hunt Birthdays

One question my listeners ask time and again are for tips on how to throw a great kid’s birthday bash without breaking the bank.

I absolutely love celebrating my kid’s special days, whether it's a super-creative theme party or a simple, old-fashioned cake and ice cream in our backyard gathering. The type of party always  depended on the age my child was turning, the time of year, financial considerations, the child’s personality and interests, and sometimes it all boiled down to how much energy I could muster.

Trending this year in party celebrations is something I just love—a scavenger hunt birthdays. This idea can be taken in dozens of clever directions (and is great for kids of any age). The idea is that you provide your guests with a list of items to find or tasks to accomplish, usually during a set time frame. You can have your guests work in teams or individually. The last item on the list usually leads to a prize or an activity that everyone can enjoy.

For example: Let's say you’re throwing a party for an 8-year-old who loves mermaids. You can put together a list of riddles that relate to the beach or the sea, with the final clue leading them to bathing suits and beach towels. Then you surprise everyone by heading off to a nearby pool or beach for a swim. You can keep it simple or be as elaborate as your creativity allows.

Enlist the help of your older children to plan for a younger sibling’s party, or get the grandparents involved.  Scavenger hunts are also great for other holidays, anniversaries, or even just a ho-hum rainy day to keep your kids occupied,

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