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Read an exclusive excerpt from Katherine Gustafson's engaging new book, Change Comes to Dinner, a look at  the food visionaries leading America's sustainable food revolution.

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Katherine Gustafson’s Change Comes to Dinner takes readers into the farms, markets, organizations, businesses, and institutions across America that are pushing for a more sustainable food system in America.

Journalist Katherine Gustafson introduces food visionaries like Mark Lilly, who turned a school bus into a locally-sourced grocery store in Richmond, Virginia; Gayla Brockman, who organized a program to double the value of food stamps used at Kansas City, Missouri, farmers’ markets; Myles Lewis and Josh Hottenstein, who started a business growing vegetables in shipping containers using little water and no soil; and Tony Geraci, who claimed unused land to create the Great Kids Farm, where Baltimore City public school students learn how to grow food and help Geraci decide what to order from local farmers for breakfast and lunch at the city schools.

Change Comes to Dinner is a smart and engaging look into America’s food revolution.


nd now, Nutrition Diva readers can read an exclusive excerpt from Gustafson’s book! In this chapter, the author introduces us to pioneering farmers who offer clean and healthy alternatives to the pesticide-laden megafarms that have become the standard-bearers for U.S. agriculture.

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