What Are the Benefits of Chia Seed?

Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS
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Q. Chia is said to be a super-healthy food for runners. I like it on my oatmeal, and it seems to be pretty affordable so I am thinking of purchasing some to use regularly. I just wondered if you have heard of chia and what your thoughts were.

A. Chia is pretty similar to flax seed, little higher in fiber and calcium, a little lower in iron, protein and omega-3s. As for benefits for runners, it's as good for you as any other foods that provide similar amounts of protein, fiber, omega-3s and so on.  If you like it on your oatmeal, go for it!  But I wouldn't expect any miracles. The whole idea of chia as a "super-food" is really just advertising hype, and the notion that it's especially good for runners is simply an advertising campaign directed at ... runners!

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