What Exactly Is Postpartum Depression?

Learn what postpartum depression is and why all child-bearing women should know about it.

Sanaz Majd, MD,

How is Postpartum Depression Treated?

Even though postpartum depression seems scary, the treatment for it is often very effective. If you are experiencing postpartum depression, please pick up the phone and call your doctor, who should suggest two main treatments:

  • Therapy:  Support group and counseling has been shown to help those with postpartum depression.

  • Medications:  Certain antidepressants are safe to use in women, whether you are breastfeeding or not.

Remember that many women feel the same way after childbirth and that you are not alone.  Because many women feel guilt and are ashamed of experiencing these intrusive and obsessive thoughts of hurting themselves or the baby, they may not reveal them.  But feeling this way doesn’t mean that you are a bad person.  Postpartum depression is a disorder that needs treatment, just like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.  So it is super vital that you discuss any of these symptoms with your doctor as soon as they begin.  Your doctor will get you help right away.

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