6 Myths That Are Costing You Money on Gas

Does restarting your car use more gas? Do seat warmers waste energy? Find out the answers and more when we bust car maintenance myths one by one. 
Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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The following are all myths you've probably heard regarding saving money on your gas and car maintenance.

Restarting your engine uses more gas than idling

If you are waiting for longer than 30 seconds in your car, turn off the engine. You use more fuel idling after 30 seconds than you use to restart your car.

How to Save Money on Gas

Your car needs to warm up in winter

If you have a newer car, you can skip the long warm-ups, even in winter! Today’s cars are designed to warm up while being driven, so after you give the car 30–60 seconds of idling time, you can be on your way—just take it easy for the first few minutes on the road. You’ll save both time and gas!

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Seat warmers waste energy

Heated seats in your car may seem like a luxury, but they can actually be a huge money-saver. Heated seats don’t have to use as much energy (that is, gas) as your car’s heating vents to keep you warm. If they aren’t offered when you buy your car, consider getting a heated pad for your seat or even having heated seats installed after-market.

Changing your oil less frequently saves you money

Change your oil regularly and you’ll have to fill up on gas less often. As oil ages, it gets thicker and harder to push through the engine, causing more energy to be used. By changing your oil regularly, you’ll make sure you get the best fuel economy possible.

Premium gas makes your car run better

Only 5 percent of cars actually run better on premium gas as opposed to regular. Make sure to check your owner’s manual to see what it recommends.

How to Pay Less for Gas

“Topping off” is worthwhile

Have you ever “topped off” your car’s gas tank to round out the price at the pump? You should know that since the pump is only pumping out vapors at that point, they’re automatically sucked back into gas station’s tank. In other words, even though you now have exact change, you didn’t get any extra gas!

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