Considering RV Living? 9 Questions to Ask Yourself

Could you handle a life living in a tin can on wheels?

Amanda Thomas
4-minute read
Episode #179

5. Do you choose experiences over things?

If $2,000 fell from the sky and landed in your lap, would you book a vacation or buy a big screen TV? If you place more value on traveling and experiencing new things than you do on having stuff, you might just enjoy how RV living forces you to have less stuff (because there’s nowhere to put it), and do more things (because sitting in an RV all day is actually pretty boring).

6. Do you want to move, but don’t know where?

If you’re itching to move, but don’t know where to go, living in an RV is a way to provide yourself with a permanent yet movable home to try out different new locations. You can pick a city, park yourself for a while, and then move on to try out the next spot on your list.

7. Do you enjoy being different?

Are you the type who is constantly surprising your friends by the choices you make? Do you dread following directions? When someone says, “You should … ” to you, do you immediately want to do the opposite of their suggestion? Then RV living may be for you. This is not a traditional lifestyle by any means. Almost everyone you tell your story to will look at you with admiration or confusion. There’s no in-between because most people can’t comprehend living in a 200 square foot house on wheels.

8. Are you grossed out by the thought of sewer hoses?

If you live in an RV, you have to be willing to deal with connecting your home’s toilet to the sewer line or dump station on a regular basis. It’s gross, and possibly even a little messy as you learn how to do it right, but it’s a necessary evil. And while people at RV parks are very helpful when you’re learning, they expect everyone to care for their own RVs. Sewage and all.

9. Can you handle surprises?

Do you panic if your car won’t start in the morning? Does the thought of finding a leak under your bathroom sink send you into a whirlwind? From critters finding their way in to your home, to leaks, to appliances not working, there are new surprises almost every day while living in an RV. If you can’t handle the stress of little (and big) things going wrong on a regular basis, this is probably not the right lifestyle for you.

If you’re considering living fulltime in an RV, I’d highly recommend following the hashtags #RVLiving and #Fulltimers on Instagram. There are a whole lot of people living on the road right now, and you can learn a lot from their experiences. You can find me on Instagram too, where I’m @DomesticCEO. I post more personal stuff there, so you can stay up to date on my adventures!

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