10 Cool Products for Scrabble Lovers

Mignon Fogarty

Scrabble Quilt

I don't think I'll ever have the time or patience to make a quilt, but fortunately, it looks as if the woman who made this quilt does custom projects on Etsy!

scrabble quilt

via Etsy


Scrabble Cuff Links

When you want to feel dapper, these Scrabble tile cufflinks are a nice touch.

Scrabble cuff links

via Letteroom


Wall Scrabble

My heart is breaking because this is so expensive. The little angel and devil on my shoulder are fighting: "You can make that!" "No, you can't!" "You can make that!" "You'd just end up with an ugly board and a big mess. Get real."

At least we can do the virtual equivalent of window shopping.

Wall Scrabble

via Restoration Hardware


Scrabble Cheez-Its

To ease the sticker shock of the wall Scrabble set, here's something a little more affordable: Scrabble Cheez-Its! Where have you been all my life?

Scrabble Cheez-It Box

The Positively Splendid blog has instructions on how to use these Cheez-Its to make a playable Scrabble game.


Scrabble Cookies

If you're in more of a mood for baking than reaching your hand into a box, you can make your own Scrabble cookies. See the When Abodo Met Feijoada blog for a recipe.


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Scrabble Chocolate Phone Covers

They have these phone covers for most major phones.

Scrabble phone cover

via Amazon


Make Your Own Real Scrabble Chocolate

If that phone cover made you want actual chocolate, and if you're feeling industrious, this recipe is for you.


Scrabble: Chocolate Edition

If that chocolate-making video made your head spin, this will be more your speed: A regular Scrabble game that comes with premade chocolate tiles.

chocolate scrabble

Via Amazon


Scrabble Nail Designs

For those with a steady hand and a love of the game.


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Bulk Scrabble Tiles

bult scrabble tiles

Get bulk Scrabble tiles at Amazon for your own craft projects.

Links to Amazon are affililate links. If you buy something through them, we get a small commission and it helps pay for the time it takes to make fun lists like this one.

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