11 Cool Products for Scrabble Lovers

Whether you're crafty or spendy, you'll love these Scrabble-themed projects and products

Mignon Fogarty
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Scrabble Coffee Mug

C for "coffee," anyone? Other letters are also available, meaning this could be a great personalized gift.

scrabble mug


via Amazon

Letter Tile Needle Minder

A cute little personalized gift for your favorite person who likes to sew or do embroidery.

scrabble needle minder etsy

via Etsy

Wall Scrabble

My heart is breaking because this is so expensive. The little angel and devil on my shoulders are fighting: "You can make that!" "No, you can't!" "You can make that!" "You'd just end up with an ugly board and a big mess. Get real."

At least we can do the virtual equivalent of window shopping.

wall scrabble

via Restoration Hardware

Smaller Wall Scrabble

In case you aren't a billionaire or woodworker but can't let go of the idea of Wall Scrabble, here's a smaller and slightly more affordable version.

small wall scrabble

via Amazon

Scrabble Shower Curtains

OK, they're not Wall Scrabble, but they're about the same size. Shower curtain makers have definitely embraced the Scrabble theme.

Scrabble shower curtains

via Amazon (Left to Right: full board, bath mat set, DRE, NOTE, blank board)

Scrabble Cookies

If you're in the mood for baking, you can make your own Scrabble cookies. See the When Abodo Met Feijoada blog for a recipe.

Scrabble cookie recipe

Make Your Own Real Scrabble Chocolate

If the cookies made you want to do even more in the kitchen, this recipe is for you.

Scrabble Nail Designs

If you're a Scrabble fan and suddenly have time to do your nails, Enigma Design Company is ready for you.

Scrabble nail designs

via Etsy

Scrabble Socks

If you listen to the Grammar Girl podcast, you could have guessed that I'd include Scrabble socks in the list!

scrabble socks

via Amazon (I couldn't choose just one. The link takes you to a collection of Scrabble socks.)

Bulk Scrabble Tiles

Have we inspired you to do your own craft project? Good! Bulk Scrabble tiles are for you.

bult scrabble tiles

via Amazon

Scrabble Fabric

If fabric arts are more your style, you can also get  Scrabble board fabric.

scrabble fabric

via Etsy

The Letter Room also has a lovely collection of Scrabble-themed products.

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