5 Tips to Make the Best DIY Gift Baskets

Ever wonder how those adorable gift baskets are made? Domestic CEO has some tips to make your own.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #224

After having my baby a few months ago, I received what I would categorize as an amazing gift basket. Now, I’ve tried to assemble gift baskets in the past, but they’ve always seemed to fall flat. They may have some cute gifts in them, but I have never really felt like my gift baskets were all that great. When I received this gift basket, I immediately started taking notes because it was so well presented and thoughtful.

1.) Pick a Theme

One thing I immediately noticed about this gift basket was that it had two themes. The first was the color grey, and the other was mustaches. Most of the items in the basket fit in to one or both of those themes. From bibs and pacifiers with mustaches, to a grey stuffed elephant, to the grey basket, nearly every item fit in to one of the themes.

Another thing I noticed was that the items were all smaller items, likely between $5-10 each, and were purchased from different stores. By being focused around a theme or two, not only does the gift basket look really cute, but it focuses the shopping efforts. I know there are a ton of really cute baby items out there, so it’s easy to get distracted with adorable items. Picking a theme can help you keep on track and purchase only items that will make the basket cute and cohesive. It turns your shopping trip in to a scavenger hunt, which seems way more fun than struggling to decide which of the thousands of items in a store should go in to the gift basket!

2.) Use a Reusable Basket

I realize that the term “gift basket” has the word basket in it, but that doesn’t mean that an actual basket is the best container to hold the gift items in a gift basket. This gift basket was actually created in a cute grey canvas bin that is currently filled with baby toys. Another friend had given me a set of cloth diapers and diapering supplies in a similar canvas bin, and it now holds baby bedding and blankets.

What I am learning about gift baskets is that incorporating a stylish and useful container to hold all the small gifts together provides added value to the basket. If you are giving a housewarming gift, consider packaging everything in a large mixing bowl. If you are giving a set of towels as a wedding present, you could roll them up and package them in a large basket and the whole set could be used in a guest bedroom. Even a small gift basket can be made using a big decorative coffee mug or cereal bowl. Think about the person you are giving the gift to and try to come up with a container that you think they would be able to use on a daily basis instead of just opting for a normal basket.

3.) Include Gift Receipts

In the months leading up to and after having our son, we received a lot of gifts. While we were very thankful for all the gifts, we soon discovered that we had duplicates of items; too many of one item, not enough of other items, and quite frankly not enough room for all the things we received. I started sorting items in to piles of Keep and Exchange. Items that had tags on them, like outfits that our son outgrew before he could wear them, could be exchanged. I didn’t want to disappoint those who gave us the gifts, so I wasn’t about to go to my friends and family and ask them for receipts.