5 Tips to Make the Best DIY Gift Baskets

Ever wonder how those adorable gift baskets are made? Domestic CEO has some tips to make your own.

Amanda Thomas,
Episode #224

What I quickly realized was that the items lost a LOT of value when I didn’t have a receipt. For example, baby clothes from Carters can be exchanged at any time, which is great. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a receipt, you only get store credit for the lowest price the item could have been purchased for. This means that I was getting about $4 store credit for an outfit with a $25 price tag on it. While I would love to think that my friends and family purchased the outfit for $4, it’s more likely that they got it for 30-40% off ($15-17) because Carters runs those sales all the time. That means when I took the item to the store, I would be out of pocket about $10 just to get the same outfit one size bigger. Long story short: always include the gift receipt!

Of all the gifts we received, I was honestly surprised to find that only two people included gift receipts. Not surprising was the fact that the amazing gift basket came with an envelope that contained all the gift receipts. The gift receipts were not only all contained in a little labeled envelope, but the items from each receipt that were in the basket were circled so I could easily figure out which item went with which receipt if I need to make a return or exchange. It was super easy to do some exchanges, and I felt so much less guilt knowing that the giver was comfortable with the idea of me returning or exchanging a few things.

4.) Keep the Tags Attached

Earlier I had mentioned that the items in this awesome gift basket were purchased from different stores. How did I know this? Simple. The woman who gave me the gift basket kept the tags on each item, so I knew most of them came from Ross, Marshalls, or Home Goods. Keeping the tags let me easily match up the tag with the gift receipts for the items I needed to exchange.

To avoid the tackiness of displaying the price she paid for each item, she used a hole puncher to punch out the price on the tags, leaving the store and item codes fully intact. It was such a genius idea that even the cashier at Marshalls stopped and showed the tag to her coworkers when I returned a too-small outfit. Had I been able to keep all the items in the basket, I could have just cut off the tags, but since I did need to exchange a couple things the tags were a HUGE added convenience to the gift basket.

5.) Roll, Tuck, and Stuff

The final tip I took from examining the super cute gift basket was how it was assembled. There was not additional packaging, like tissue paper or other filler, which made it much easier to unpack than other gift baskets I’ve received. The bottom was packed with a solid layer of boxed socks, rolled outfits, and rolled bibs. Once the bottom layer of gifts was set to help give the canvas bin shape, the top layer of books, stuffed animals, and cutesy accessories were assembled on top to give the basket character. Unpacking the basket was such fun because I just kept finding more and more items tucked in to the corners of the basket.

Now that I’ve seen how easily an amazing gift basket can be put together, I am definitely going to use the tips and techniques I learned to create a gift basket for someone else. I hope they are helpful to you too!

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.


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