6 Clever Hacks to Solve Jewelry Mishaps

If you need to fix a loose stone, travel with jewelry, remove a stuck ring, or untanlge the necklace knot to end all knots, check out these six genius jewelry hacks. 
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6 Super-Clever Jewelry Hacks

Nifty Necklace Knot Remover

Have a knot in a necklace chain you can’t get out? We’ve untangled the knottiest of knots with this surprising helper—cornstarch. Work small amounts of cornstarch into knotted chain jewelry, shoelaces, and string. You can also try using olive oil.

Traveling with Jewelry?

Make sure your delicate necklaces don’t get tangled while you’re traveling—keep them safe with some plastic straws. Cut a straw in half, thread your necklace through, and fasten the clasp. The straw will keep the chain straight and untangled. Or, tape your jewelry to bubble wrap and roll it up!

Easy Bracelet Fastening

Having trouble getting that bracelet clasped? Make fastening easy by attaching the bracelet to your arm with a bit of tape. Then clasp, pull the tape off, and go!

Remove Water from Your Watch

If you’ve ever seen condensation under your watch face, you know how frustrating it can be! Luckily, there’s a solution. Simply strap the watch to a light bulb and turn it on for a few minutes. The heat from the bulb is the perfect amount to make the water disappear.

How to Fix Loose Stones in Rings

It sounds like something from a fairy tale, but by tapping stones on your rings you can tell if they’re starting to come loose. If you hear a slight rattle, go to the jeweler to get it reset. Or, if a stone has popped out of a piece of your jewelry and you were lucky enough to save it, you can easily put it back in place with a tiny dab of clear nail polish.

How to Remove a Stuck Ring

If you are unable to remove a ring from your finger, run your hands under very cold water for a few seconds. The cold will make your blood vessels (and, in turn, your finger) a little bit smaller, allowing you to slip off the ring. A stuck ring can also be gently wriggled off by coating the finger with lip balm or olive oil and wriggling it off. (As for why you frantically need a ring off your finger—who are we to judge?!)

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