7 Awesome Ways to Upgrade Your Ordinary School Supplies

Instead of spending your cash on expensive supplies, check out these clever ideas from Hometalk bloggers for turning simple (read: cheap!) school supplies into designer items, and making your own back-to-school fun.


1. Glitter-ize Your Notebooks

Project via Giustina @Domestically Blissful

Add a drop of glamour to your first day back in the classroom by covering your plain ol' marble notebooks in sparkling gold glitter. Even non-students can enjoy this update for a planner or diary.


2. Turn Paper Towel Rolls into Pencil Cases

Project via Larissa @Prodigal Pieces

That's right—this one is so inexpensive, it's an upcycle! Turn an empty roll of toilet paper into a super stylish pen and pencil carrier by covering it in colorful duct tape and adding a zipper.


3. Make a Succulent Pen Holder

Project via Amanda @Dwelling in Happiness

Spruce up your desk with this brilliant decoration and pen organizer in one. What could be better? Plus, these succulents won't die on you over vacation.



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