7 Hacks on Removing and Installing Wallpaper

Need a solution to remove your wallpaper? Learn which tools work the best, along with installation tips and ideas on what to do with your scraps.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Removing Wallpaper

First, score the paper with a utility knife by cutting slashes through several parts of the paper. Then, dab on a mixture of half water and half liquid fabric softener. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then watch your old wallpaper peel right off.

Wallpaper Remover

Redoing a room with a wallpaper border? Easily remove it by blowing hot air from a hair dryer on it. The heat will loosen the glue and it will peel right off.

Got Grease Stains on Your Wall?

If grease is still visible on the wall after removing wallpaper, apply a coat of clear varnish to the spots. The grease won’t soak through to the new wallpaper.

Hang It More Easily

Take your wallpaper out of its roll a few days before you hang it and re-roll it the opposite way. It will make it flatter and easier to hang.

Wallpaper 101

Hanging wallpaper? Get help from a paint roller. First, try using a paint roller instead of a sponge to apply paste for a more even consistency. You can also use a clean, dry paint roller to smooth out the wallpaper afterward. You’ll get more coverage per stroke.

Repairing Rips

If your wallpaper needs a fix-up in a small area, don’t use scissors to cut off the replacement piece. Instead, tear it off with your hands. The ragged edge of the new piece will blend in better than a straight edge.

Get Creative with Wallpaper Scraps

You’ve just finished a big wallpaper job and have at least a half a roll left. Use your scraps to decorate accessories in the room. Cover the fronts of drawers or cabinets, even the backs of chairs! Wallpaper can also be used to cover notebooks, pencil cases, and other office supplies.

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