7 Tips to Help You Spruce Up Your Flower Beds and Garden Paths on a Budget

You can brighten up your flower beds and garden paths without adding a dent to your wallet, by creating your own details to spruce up your outdoor spaces on a budget. These simple ideas from Hometalk bloggers are a quick and budget-friendly way to give your garden a look you love.

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Tip #1: Surround your flower beds with gravel

DIY Gravel Walkway via Mary @Front Porch Ideas and More

For a quick and classy flower bed upgrade, give your beds a clean border using a couple inches of gravel. No matter how big or small your flower beds are, a gravel border will add an elegant touch that highlights your blooms.

Tip #2: Edge your garden with stones or bricks

The Perfect Border for Your Flower Bed via Jenna @Jenna Burger Designs

If you’ve got leftover pathway stones, pavers, or bricks, then you’ve got the perfect supplies to add an instant, beautiful edge to your flower garden. Pavers are a great, budget-friendly way to define your yard and shape your landscape.


Tip #3: Border a patio with a row of flowers

Flower Edging and Border via Linda

Create a pretty frame for your patio or any outdoor space, by adding a row of flowers, surrounded by a brick or stone wall. Colorful plants can give these areas, like the seating area around a firepit or an outdoor dining spot.